Get-DscResource with Composite Resources

Hello, I am wondering if anyone can take a look and maybe point out what I could be doing wrong here. I am trying to break up a big configuration into smaller composites. For the time being I was going to include all the composite resources in a single resource module. It seems to let me use the composites when I create a new configuration and reference the composites but whats strange is I never can see them listed as ‘Composite’ when doing a Get-DscResource.

I have some example code here which has the same issue as my real configurations, the example code configurations are just populated with dummy text for the most part so anything within the here strings to create the schema files might seem wacky.

Can anyone see anything glaringly wrong?

Viewing this quickly from my phone, but I’m certain that your composite resources need to be placed in a folder called DSCResources.

In your case TestModule\DscResouces\CompositeResource…

Good catch thanks, I updated the gist! I definitely missed that directory when creating my test example. I still don’t seem to be able to see the composite resources missing having added that though so i’m still stumped. One additional note. I know it was likely unrelated but I did this on both WMF5 and WMF5.1 preview with same results, the composites not listed.

To confirm - are you able to -use- but not -see- the resource?

From the looks of it yes, I can create a configuration after doing Import-DSCResource and specifying the composite resource or resource module and then get intellisense if I reference it. I know it seems picky I wasn’t sure if I was just doing something wrong in my top level module manifest.