Get distinguishname of a list of computers

I would like to get distinguishname of the computers in “LAPS-Computers2.txt”. The script keeps running and do not get any output. Please could you assist me to understand and achieve my objective.

$computers = gc .\LAPS-Computers2.txt
foreach ($computer in $computers) {
Get-ADComputer -Filter * | select -Property @{n=“computername”;e={“$”}} | ft name

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What do you have in your input file LAPS-Computers2.txt? And just out of curiousity how many computers do you want to query?

With your code you query ALL COMPUTERS of your AD again and again for each individual element you have in your input file. If there are a lot of elements in your input file you put an enormous stress to your AD with this query.

I you have the computernames in your input file you may use something like this:

$computerList = Get-Content -Path .\LAPS-Computers2.txt
foreach ($computer in $computerList) {
Get-ADComputer -Identity $computer | 
    Select-Object -Property name 

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