Get Contacts to a txt (Windows 8.1)

Hello Comunity, i discovered the forum from the Powershell Training Courses.
I love it and i thing if i could have significant advantage of using powershell for an issue.

The issue is that:
How can I take all contacts imported on “Contacts” app on windows 8.1 and put them all together (listing and shorted by Name, and including Phone Number or other info of each contact) to a: text file ( .txt)??

After windows xp “expired” the address book transformed to a windows 8.1 contacts applet that not shuts to me and i 'm searching the solution via powershell.

i hope you help me !


Unfortunately the People app does not support direct exports because it was designed to sync your people/contacts with a cloud email provider like, Google, Yahoo, etc. where you can export into comma-separated files from their web interface.

To answer your question in more detail. The modern communications apps (Mail, Calendar and People) store your information in a database called livecomm.edb which you can find if you search your user profile under C:\Users. You’ll need to get hold of that database which can be tricky because it is exclusively opened by livecomm.exe.

Once you’ve copied the database into another folders you can use 3rd party tools like NirSoft’s ESE Database View to open it, find the table with the contact information and export.

Nirsoft’s ESE Database View tool has command line options. A PowerShell script could terminate the livecomm.exe (which is probably not a good idea), run ESE Database View to export the correct table into CSV, XML, etc. PowerShell can easily work with CSV or XML files.

I hope that helps.