How to export the Mailbox information to .CSV so I can import it as mail contact

Hi All,

I need to export the Exchange server mailbox details, so I can generate the .CSV file to import as Mail-Contact in my new Exchange Server OnPremise using the script below:

Import-Csv "C:\TEMP\contact2.csv" | foreach {Set-Contact $_.externalemailaddress -Name $ -FirstName $_.firstname -LastName $_.lastname -StreetAddress $_.streetaddress -StateOrProvince $_.province -City $ -PostalCode $_.postalcode -MobilePhone $ -Phone $_.workphone -HomePhone $_.homephone -Company $ -Title $_.title -Department $_.department -CountryOrRegion $_.countryorregion -Fax $_.fax -Notes $_.notes -Office $}


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There a bunch of articles on this type of use case.

What have you searched for?

Search string ‘export exchange mailbox to csv’

Why have you tried?
Search string ‘export exchange mailbox to csv’

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