Get app data usage

Hello everyone

I’m trying to find a way to get monthly report of app data usage for the past 30 days from all the computers in our network. I search the internet before I ask here hopefully someone can help me. Is there a way to get these information using powershell. I want to do it each month and we have to nany ckmputers in iur network and about ninty percent of them are windows 10. Any help will ve appreciated

Thanks in advance


What information are you looking to get from a computer? Can you give an example of the information you are trying to receive? App data usage is a little vague. An example would probably help a lot.


You are asking about software metering. MS provides purpose built solutions for that, so why script it? Don’t write code, if you don’t have to. Don’t’ reinvent the wheel unless you have to, and you really know it will be a better wheel, or it’s just a learning process.


Software metering in System Center Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager Software Metering

There are even pre-built SCCM scripts for this use case.

SCCM - Collection for Software metering This PowerShell script allow you to create some collection for your software metering rules:The idea came after reading the post from Nicolas Pilon here: I have seen some peolple having some difficulties Download : CreatecollRules.ps1

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unfortunately we don’t have System Center Configuration Manager, any other suggestions will be appreciated

I just want to get data usage per app on each computer

Perhaps AppLocker and configure for just auditing ?