Get-Aduser -filter


I want to search AD using the displayprintablename due to our tracking system. I can export a CSV to include their full name, POBox, ticket number. I have to use ANR and the problem with that is if I have 50 John Doe’s I need to filter based on their POBox.

I want to run this report everyday so if a person is no longer in AD, we can close their ticket. I have this code and it works perfectly, I think I just need to add another -and statement but my brain can’t come up with the solution

$arraylist = Import-Csv ‘\nw145757\Projects\QuerySnow.csv’
$arraylist | % {
Get-ADUser -filter “anr -eq ‘$($_.RequestedFor)’” -Properties * | select displaynamePrintable, DisplayName, POBox, samAccountName, mail
} | ft


“anr -eq ‘$($_.RequestedFor)’ -and something -eq something”


that was it. I’m not sure how I missed this but I appreciate it!

Is this you?

It’s not but I have a feeling I know who that is