Get ACL of file

I only need a command which can help me check is current (console) user has write access to the file.
Result must e true/false.

Hey Georgy,

What have you tried? If you’re simply looking to get an ACL of a file… Get-ACL should do the trick: Get-Acl (Microsoft.PowerShell.Security) - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn.if you only care about the current user you may need to do some filtering using Where-Object. If you want the result to be true or false, write the code for it :).

Just a soft reminder that the forum is meant for PS questions and help, but we do not write scripts for folks. If you’re looking for that, there’s a lot of options out there. There’s a ton of resources out there as well to get you started on scripting, and to learn about commands. It’s best to start there, and if you’re having problems with your code, you share the code, explain what you’re trying to do (expected outcome), what is happening, and the errors/issues that are blocking you from getting there.