AD Group Members/users with Access to Folders and Subfolders

I am new to powershell and was wanting to see if there is a simple way to create a script for the following.

I want to find out who has access to a certain folder/folders on a share.

I currently have a script that list groups with recurse and I am able to export those out. I also have a script that tells me who has access to a certain folder but only exports them as groups and not the users within the groups.

My aim is to create a script that does it all at the same time, so essentially something that tells me who has access to a folder with the groups and users listed…

Apologies if this is something simple but its all new to me at the moment…


Of course doable. Suggesting you to go through below help document for this.

Get-ACL cmdlet in PowerShell will give you what you need. If you have never created a PowerShell script, things will be little difficult , but I suggest you to read the document and put something on, folks here will help, update this thread when you are stuck.