Generic Credentials File on Network

Good day everyone

I’ve read about the dangers of including credentials in PS scripts but cannot find a way to create a generic encrypted credential file.

To explain shortly what I need…I maintain a network where users do not have any administrative rights but still need to install certain applications. I can save a script on the workstation to execute an installation using the administrator account, but currently need to add the credentials to the same file.

I need to create a credentials file which can only be used in Powershell, but will work on every workstation. Is that possible at all?

Hi, if you want to decrypt the password on several machines I would use a certificate (I’m sure others on here will have different ideas) but anyway to get you started have a look here

Hi Simon

Thanks for the response. Will have a look and get back to you.

Thanks again!

You can have a look at JEA.