General understanding

I’m not sure that I clearly undertood the idea of DSC. As I understood, I can take configuration from 1 server and assign it to multitple machines. for example, I can create a MOF file that installes .Net and IIS on several computers. Is there a way to mark 1 server as the general server, then the script will scan what Windows features are installed on that server, create a MOF file according to that and deploy it on multitple servers?
I need it for my company. We have multitple IIS servers with the same configuration so I thought it will be easier to install new servers and deploy sites with DSC but I’m not sure if this is supported by DSC.

Not quite. You can’t really “take a configuration” from a server. The idea is to document - in a specific format - how you want a machine configured. You then give the machine that document, and it configures itself thusly. If you change the document, the machine reconfigures to match. Look at “The DSC Book,” here (Resources menu), for a good overview. But there is no “scanning” an existing server to capture its configuration. Not natively.

It works a little bit different.
You can not use an existing server as a template. So the MOF is not created based on an existing server. Instead, you will have to create the MOF yourself (by using PowerShell probably). So effectively a script needs to be created which lists everything you want to have on the servers, generate MOFs from that, and then apply those on the servers.