DSC and Separation of Duties

I am just learning DSC and have run into a statement a few times that a server has a single configuration.

If this statement is true, how can I support multiple admins, e.g. Server Admin and DBA, that want to use DSC to configure the server but the DBA doesn’t want the Server Admin messing with their config and vice versa?

Otherwise, how can I support multiple configs, perhaps from a single or multiple pull servers? Or can I pull from two pull servers, merge the mof and present that as the complete mof to the server?

Composite configurations. The DSC Book covers them. Essentially, each admin gets their own config, which is exposed as a resource. A master, “composite” config, sucks them all in and produces the final MOF.

There’s no “conflict resolution.” If both sub-configs mess with the same bit, then whichever one is references last in the MOF will usually “win,” but it’ll cause poorer performance as the LCM will be switching back and forth, since both “conflicting” configs will be in the MOF. You need to manage that - it’s a process question, not a technical one.

But the ultimate answers is one MOF per node. There’s no workaround - it’s that way by design.

Thanks Don, read the book ealier today (4am EST earlier) and must have missed that part, but got it now.