Function cross-reference list for a module

I’ve been put on a project that contains old code in a single module and many functions. Several of the functions call other functions several levels deep. Is there a way to generate a cross-reference list or where-used list of functions in a module showing what they call and where they are called from? This would help document the flow of the code when making changes.


… not completely sure if it’s what you want but you could give it a try. At least it’s free of charge. :wink:

visual studio code has some helpful features for finding code references. here’s some of them:

The PowerShell CodeManager has close to what I’m looking for; a graphical chart of the functions that are called. Unfortunately this software appears to only document all of the functions contained in a single script file. I’m looking for similar capability at a module and function level diagram where functions are separate files. For example if I have a module with a controller script and 5 functions in separate files, I might see a diagram like this:

[F1] [—F2—] [F5]
[F3] [F4] [F5]

The controller script calls functions F1, F2 and F5 directly.
Function F2 calls functions F4 and F5.
Function F3 calls function F5.
(Diagram not showing well after it is posted)