Visualize module functions references

Not sure if it exist but is there a way to visualize the references in a script/module?

Have created a fairly complicated module with two what I would call orchestrator functions and then using 15-20 helper functions for the specific actions.

Now I thought it would be nice if I could get a visual aid of which functions calls the other functions in some sort of map/picture.

You could take a look at the “Code Manager”. One feature is called Code Visualizer - that could be something for you.

Will take a look but it looks promising.
Thanks a bunch Olaf.

That is the only one I could ever find for PowerShell.

That one the others already pointed to and I’ve been using for a while, but it’s limited, so don’t expect more than what is there. I combine it with an effort to use this online flowchart tool as well.
Yet, again, it too has its limitations, like just copying and pasting your code in the free version (the only one I've used to date), often produces just junk. Typing in manually has better results.

So all-in-all, there really is no complete PS diagramming/UML level tool, so for any real detail, it’s a manual process using Visio or the like.

But also take a look at PlatyPS and markdown tool, not really a UML thing either.

Thanks, will take a look today and see if any of the tools works, for what I need.
Would rather not do it manually so I hope they will be enough :slight_smile: