Forum Etiquette Sticky Topic

It appears that we continually tell ops the same thing over and over in the forums:

  1. Make an attempt. Have you tried anything? This isn't a script writing service.
  2. Provide an error.
  3. Provide a clear question, current outcome, expected outcome
  4. Use the PRE tags (this is in the current sticky link Don created, but should be re-iterated.

Can we create a ‘Forum Etiquette’ or ‘Create the perfect post’? It would be ideal to have a consistent, polite (yet stern) message to respond to ops when they post something like above. One or two good example posts would be ideal too, specifically one that asks to parse something and actually include an example of the data to parse. Could have sworn in one of the other formats that we had another sticky like that at the top.

We have a “Read me before posting” pinned at the top. It probably needs a re-write as its about a year old.