Formatting Output Dilemma

Would appreciate some help. Trying to get a list of Exchange mailboxes and each mailbox’s total size. I have been able to get the Total Size to output, but am unable to output the name of the mailbox along with the size.

Does anyone have suggestions? Ideally, I would generate a text file, and each line would contain the name of the mailbox and it’s total size, separated by a comma.

The code I’ve come up with so far is as follows:

Get-Content c:\temp\litigationhold\testrun.txt| ForEach-Object {Get-Mailbox $_ | Get-MailboxStatistics | select @{e={$_.TotalDeletedItemSize.Value + $_.TotalItemSize.Value};l="Size"}| Measure-Object -Property size -Sum| select @{e={$_.Sum / 1GB}} | out-file c:\temp\litigationhold\test-output.txt -append}


Try taking the calculations and doing them all in the (e)xpression. Also, if you have to output to text, then it should be a CSV and move it out of the FOR loop. Capture all results and then export them, but typically you want to test everything first.

$results = Get-Content c:\temp\litigationhold\testrun.txt | Select -First 5 | ForEach-Object {

but you can start with something like this:

$results = Get-Content c:\temp\litigationhold\testrun.txt | ForEach-Object {
    Get-Mailbox $_ | 
    Get-MailboxStatistics | 
    Select *,
           @{l="Size";e={ (Measure-Object -InputObject ($_.TotalDeletedItemSize.Value + $_.TotalItemSize.Value) -Property Size -Sum) / 1GB }}

$results #| Export-CSV -Path C:\LegalHold.csv -NoTypeInformation