Filtering Using WHERE

Hello: Using PS4. I have the following command and it works just fine. It filters out ‘Symantec Antivirus’ as expected.

Get-EventLog -LogName Application -EntryType Error | sort Source | group Source | where Name -NE ‘Symantec Antivirus’

However, if I want to filter out nview in addition to ‘Symantec Antivirus’, it does not error out but then it displays ‘Symantec Antivirus’ and nview. It behaves as if there is no WHERE

I’m trying to filter out entries I’m not interested in such as Symantec, etc.

You’ll have to either go back to using Where-Object’s older syntax (with a script block as the argument), or use the -NotIn operator instead of -ne:

Where { $_.Name -ne 'Symantec Antivirus -and $_.Name -ne 'nview' }

# or

Where Name -NotIn 'Symantec Antivirus', 'nview'

Thanks Dave. NotIn worked fine.