File Check Script

Im still fairly new to using powershell and scripting, I have a script that grabs a file out of a folder and emails it to whoever needs it daily.

What im wondering is, Can I make a separate .txt file that has all the emails inside and it sends it to all of them?

also, how would I use the script to basically do this:

if file with name “test” created with todays date is there, send email saying successful

if file with name “test” is not there with todays date, send email saying failed.

this is what I have currently-

#Request model for daily email

$file = “E:\test.xlsx”

$smtpServer = “”

$msg = new-object Net.Mail.MailMessage
$att = new-object Net.Mail.Attachment($file)
$smtp = new-object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($smtpServer)

$msg.From = “
$msg.Subject = “xxxx”
$msg.Body = “Automated E-mail”


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A simple version could be something like this:

$Path = 'E:\test.xlsx'
$File = Get-Item -Path $Path
$today = (Get-Date).Date

$SendMailMessageSplat = @{
        from         = ''
        to           = ''
        subject      = $subject
        body         = 'Automated E-mail'
        smtpserver   = ''

If($File.LastWriteTime.Date -eq $today){
    $subject = 'Successful'
    $SendMailMessageSplat.Add('attachements', $Path)
else {
    $subject = 'Failed'

Send-MailMessage @SendMailMessageSplat

How are you planning to execute the script, via taskscheduler ?

You can always use Get-ChildItem which will have the Datecreated property and use that property to compare against the current date to decide wither to send success or failure message. And to pick the addresses from a txt file(one recipient in a line), you would use Get-Content cmdlet then pass it to th -To parameter of Send-MailMessage cmdlet.

You don’t need to use Net.Mail.MailMessage class, instead use Send-MailMessage cmdlet. The detailed help for above cmdlets below

Send-MailMessage - Send-MailMessage (Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility) - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs

Get-ChildItem - Get-ChildItem (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management) - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs

Get-Content - Get-Content (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management) - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs

This was super helpful, I was able to easily implement my idea with the help.

now for the second part, hopefully you see this im unsure how notifications work on this site but if I wanted to email all emails that were in a .txt file would I set it up like this

$bcclist = Get-content 'E:\list.txt

and then for the to would I just do

to = ‘$bcclist’

would that send it to all of them? the txt file has the listed like this:





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