Feedback on script to get Software info from Registry


This script is for work, we needed a way to get the version of a specific software, it is installed per user so there could be a scenario where there could be different versions on the same computer. It gets the results that we need.

I wanted to get feedback to see if I broke down the script into tools appropriately and what things I can improve. I was also wondering if this should be made into a module file or just run the script file when I needed it perhaps with scheduled tasks.


That script makes me see red.

@adrianm I’d suggest posting it to and linking it here. If you add the link to a post here (and make sure to remove any automatically generated link target with the Remove link button, leaving you just with the text of the link in your post) it will automatically pull the gist and embed the script here. That should get around whatever strange issues are cropping up with the forum-native code blocks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for tip, please see code above