Extended Attributes in AD

by lhead001 at 2013-01-15 21:29:11

I have been using Quest’s AD modules and have recently moved to PS v3. I could find an extended AD attribute named “info” using Quest’s cmdlets like this:

Get-Qaduser “username” -IncludeAllProperties | Select Name,info

Is there a way to find the same attribute using the PS v3 cmdlet Get-ADUser or another cmdlet?

by RichardSiddaway at 2013-01-16 11:17:14
I’ve looked at the Microsoft cmdlet Get-ADUser
if the property has a value it will be returned by using
Get-ADUser -Identity Richard -Properties * | select Name, info

if it isn’t set then this
Get-ADUser -Identity Richard -Properties * | select Name, info

shows the info header but no value

but this doesn’t show info because it doesn’t have a value
Get-ADUser -Identity Richard -Properties * | select Name, i*
by lhead001 at 2013-01-16 11:39:06
That worked great…thank you.