Can't expose Extension Attributes for a User

Seeking to Get extended Attributes and tried this:

$Properties =

Get-ADUser MyServiceAccount -Properties $Properties | select $Properties

…but many of those come up empty. I do have values in them, however.

Why are they not retrieving?

Strange, Can you try -Properties * | Select $Properties


-Properties $Properties | Format-List *

It should work fine. Are you getting nothing at all back or just empty properties?

kvprasson Neither exposed values other than gidNumber

Looks like that particular account doesn’t have value for those properties.

The values are certainly there (triple checked in dsa.msc) just not all showing up in Powershell.


gidNumber :
loginShell :
msSFU30Name :
msSFU30NisDomain :
uid : {MyServiceAccount}
uidNumber :
UnixHomeDirectory :

Are you sure those are the actual property names vs a friendly name or something? Maybe look at ADSIEdit.msc, but properties * should return all properties in AD for an object.

same names in ADSIEdit (attributes) for the User account being queried. We do have SolidCore running and perhaps it restricting PS in someway. Just spitballing here.