Execution Policy

Hello PS folks,

Want to clarify few things regarding Execution Policy. We use jump host (OS Win2012 R2) to manage client prod servers. On this, we only install client tools to connect and manage. Same applies to other client servers as well.

If I have to run .ps1 scripts

    Do I need to set execution policy to "RemoteSigned" all client servers + jump box?
for functions
    Do I have to install module (eg: DBATools) all client servers + jump box?

Any machine on which you need to run a script needs to have execution policy set to RemoteSigned or other setting that allows scripts to run

You’ll need to install any modules you want to use on the jump off server. if those tools need to be local to a machine to work then you’ll need them on the appropriate machine. Compare remoting to RDPing into the remote server. If the tools aren’t there you can’t use them.