execution policy

I have a very stupid question to ask. I am planning to start scripting in PowerShell. Till now I have only been using the command line functionalities. My question is that I am using my PC with no server utility. What execution policy should I be using , Remotesigned or unrestricted.

RemoteSigned should be fine if you’re writing and executing your own scripts. The difference is just that Unrestricted will prompt when running downloaded scripts, while RemoteSigned won’t run them out of the box; which is obviously safer.

Thanks alot Sir. yeah I tried it out it works pretty well and might be enough for me to work with. Thankyou

@kieren kenny

sometimes in testing you can just read the script and pipe it to standard powershell input, essentially you bypass the execution policy with physical disk access

thankyou for you time and consideration. @aj2019. Unbolck-file works perfectly for me while using remotesigned. So I don’t have to mess with unrestricted currently.