Exchange DB size & # of mailboxes

by baba20009 at 2012-09-27 12:12:22

I have been using this script to give me All my Databases Size in GB.

Get-MailboxDatabase | foreach-object {add-member -inputobject $_ -membertype noteproperty -name mailboxdbsizeinGB -value ([math]](get-wmiobject cim_datafile -computername $.server -filter (‘name=’’’ + $.edbfilepath.pathname.replace("","\") + ‘’’’)).filesize / 1GB),2)) -passthru} | Sort-Object mailboxdbsizeinGB -Descending | format-table identity,mailboxdbsizeinGB

I need to also give me the # of Mailboxes per Database. Some thing like this:

Size - GB # of MB
MBX\SG3\DB3 53.53 40
MBX\SG4\DB4 44.67 37
MBX\SG8\DB8 38.75 30
MBX\SG12\DB12 38.5 34

Thank you
by poshoholic at 2012-09-28 07:11:27
Have you looked at vCheck for Exchange or the Exchange Environmental Report? Those two scripts do this and much, much more.
by baba20009 at 2012-09-28 12:54:40
Thank you. I will check both links
by baba20009 at 2012-10-01 11:43:32
Thanks Kirk,
We have exchange 2007 and “Exchange Env. Report” worked perfect.
by poshoholic at 2012-10-02 06:54:29
Excellent, thanks for letting me know!