Exchange 2007 and WMF 4 and above


We have an IT terminal server that is used to manage exchange mailboxes and also run powershell scripts for various task.

The OS is server 2008 R2 and currently runs powershell version 3.

I was looking to upgrade the powershell on the box to the latest version I can but noticed that WMF4 is advised not to install with exchange 2007.

Is this likely to break the exchange console running remotely on the Terminal server for remote support of the exchange servers?

I am unsure if the advisory is related to not installing on an exchange server functioning as a mailbox server, CAS or HUB.

Any advice would be good.


DO NOT upgrade PowerShell on an Exchange server.

Exchange 2007 use PowerShell 2.0 and the appropriate .NET version. if you upgrade PowerShell you will need to install a newer version of .NET. This can. and has been demonstrated to, cause problems with Exchange

The general advice is NOT to upgrade PowerShell on and Exchange system. This can be a pain because you miss out on a lot of functionality so the advice is to upgrade an administratrion system and connect to the Exchange box(es) remotely. PowerShell 3.0 and later are quite happy talking to the Exchange remoting end point. Its how I administer multiple Exchange organizations

Hi Richard

Thanks for this, So just clarify, updating my management terminal server which has the exchange management tools installed (no roles), will work fine and not cause any problems as it is connecting remotely to the actual exchange server?