Excel formatting using powershell

Hi All,

I have written a script to fetch basic information of windows machine, and even i have converted the output to csv file.
Now i am facing with issue in one of the command which as multiple entries in output. so after exporting it to csv that output is been written in one cell. But i need that entries to be written in vertical, so that it is easier to read. Can anyone have idea on how to do this? Kindly please help me out. Thanks in Advance.

Hello Arjun,

If you are uploading simple information into excel, why don’t you write the data directly into excel? I have written a PowerShell script to generate inventory from Azure and then it will save it to excel. Below is the link:

You may use it as a reference. Please let me know if this helped. Or we can discuss this further to come up with a solution tailored for you.