Error when triggering installation of SCCM updates with Invoke-CimMethod

I am trying to trigger the installation of updates advertized by SCCM to some particular computers by invoking a CIM method from Powershell 7. Regardless of the fact that the command triggers the desired action, I still always get an error message.

Invoke-CimMethod: Es wurde keine Instanz mit den Eigenschaftswerten gefunden.

or translated to English:

Invoke-CimMethod : No instance found with given property values.

This is the code:

$COMPUTERNAME = 'RemoteComputer01'
$CIMSession = New-CimSession -ComputerName $COMPUTERNAME
$GetCimInstanceParams = @{
  NameSpace = 'ROOT\ccm\ClientSDK'
  ClassName = 'CCM_SoftwareUpdate'
  Filter = 'ComplianceState = 0'
  CimSession = $CIMSession
  ErrorAction = 'Stop'
$InvokeCimMethodParams = @{
  Namespace = 'ROOT\ccm\ClientSDK' 
  ClassName = 'CCM_SoftwareUpdatesManager'
  MethodName = 'InstallUpdates'
  Arguments = @{ CCMUpdates = [ciminstance[]](Get-CimInstance @GetCimInstanceParams) }
  CimSession = $CIMSession
  ErrorAction = 'Stop'
Invoke-CimMethod @InvokeCimMethodParams

<p class=“”>And it does not matter how I try to invoke the CIM method - splatted or in a single line - I always get the error.</p>

Invoke-CimMethod -Namespace 'root/ccm/ClientSDK' -ClassName 'CCM_SoftwareUpdatesManager' -ComputerName $ComputerName -Arguments @{ CCMUpdates = [ciminstance[]] (Get-CimInstance -Namespace 'root/ccm/ClientSDK' -ClassName 'CCM_SoftwareUpdate' -ComputerName $ComputerName) } -MethodName 'InstallUpdates'

What’s wrong? How do I get rid of the error and get a proper return value?</p>
I already asked this question on StackOverflow but I didn’t get any response yet.

The formatting here still messes up with code. Please take a look at StackOverflow for the correct code.

Thanks in advance.