Enabled attribute on ADUser not showing on DC\'s


I came over a weird behavior and was wondering if anyone else experience this.

So, if I run PS (not Run as admin) on a DC, and type

Get-ADUser username -pr Enabled
the object returned is NOT showing Enabled - but it dows if i run PS as admin. The same goes for the GUI version of AD, but in the GUI, I’m not able to see Enabled no matter what I try… Nevertheless, i get the Enabled attribute when i run PS on my client - admin or not. This behavior is equal on all our DC’s.

The administrator has not given you much privileges in that case you might not be able to find it.

Hi, thanks for your response.
I am the main administrator.

As I said, once i elevate the PS console with Run as admin, i get the Enabled attribute. If i use my admin account without pressing Run as admin, i do not see it.