get-ADuser script doesn't work


I just want to do a very simple thing:

I want a list of all the users from a specific location. The list should include Name, logonname, email, enbaled or disabled, domain.

I got everything apart from the domain.

What I have so far:

Get-ADUser -Filter ‘physicaldeliveryofficename -eq “XXX”’| Select-Object name,SamAccountName,Userprincipalname,enabled

for some reason I had to get the emailadress via the principalusername Select-object […],mail,[…] did not work.

I tried to select DC, domain, server non of this works.

Thank you for your help!!

Get-ADUser doesn’t return all user object attributes by default.

Get-ADuser -Filter '...' -Properties name, mail, samAccountName, userPrincipalName, enabled | ...


If you use -filter with non default return attributes you’ll need to add it into -properties


thanks guys that really helped.

Now it works the way I want it to :slight_smile: