Enable/use bluetooth device to as network connection

Is it possible to use Powershell to make a network connection over/to(not sure about the lingo) a bluetooth device.
If it is possible, any clues of how to do this? The action i want to script is the same as you get from right-clicking a bluetooth device and selection “Connect using” -> “Direct connect” (as shown in the attached image).
The computers in question run windows 8.1 and use powershell v4.

I have read that powershells bluetooth support is fairly limited, and i have not been able to find anything related to this either here, on google, stackoverflow or msdn and i am beginning to fear that what i want to do is not possible :). My first guess was that this would be configured in a similar manner as you connect to a WLan, but afaik that was wrong, and i am now stuck.

The device is already known and paired, and i have access to the device address and name if those are required.

Windows seems to offer very few APIs in that direction; without the underlying APIs, there’s not much PowerShell can do. It’s an area where I think Microsoft would need to do more low-level work in order to make higher-level tools like PowerShell useful.

Aww, this was what i feared. Thank you for giving your time to respond!