powershell script Exchange Quota

Hi Guys

Ive create a powershell script using Finditems and Findfolder, using .load to search for specific PropertySet class and return all those mails for a entry maibox

I would like to added to the sctipt that if the user reach the Issue Warning Limit in Exchange , start delete mails base on the Propery set starting for oldest message till decreae the Mailbox size under 80 % of the Issue warninig Limit

Any suggestion how to archieve ?

Thanks !!!

You probably don’t want to hear “that isn’t a good idea policy wise”, but users will be upset if you delete their mail. Storage is cheap now, so we don’t have the challenges we had in the past keeping the databases small.

This isn’t possible through Exchange PowerShell. You would need to use the Exchange Web Services DLL and make calls to that in your PowerShell script.