Editing XML file?

Hello, have a question about updating an XML doc.

I have an unattend.xml file I’ve brought into powershell by:
[xml]$Unattend = Get-Content \share\unattend.xml

I can view a value I want to change by:


When I run that command it returns system.string ‘test.local’

I want to update the domain to ‘test2.local’

I have tried $Unattend.unattend.settings.component.interfaces.interface.dnsdomain = ‘test2.local’ but I get:

"Property ‘dnsdomain’ cannot be found on this object; make sure it exists and is settable.

Any ideas how I can change that value?

Yeah, the XML object model is a bit difficult to work with. We did a chapter on this in “PowerShell In Depth,” do you happen to have a copy of that?