Dual Help Files

Anyone know why one would get dual help files and how to read them when I have more than one hit? This output is not an array so I can’t reference one of the files with an index number.

C:\Users\bc\Google Drive\Code> help about_Workflows

Name                              Category  Module                    Synopsis
----                              --------  ------                    --------
about_Workflows                   HelpFile                            Provides a brief introduct...
about_Workflows                   HelpFile                            Provides a brief introduct...

What version of PowerShell are you currently using?

PS C:\Users\bclanton\Google Drive\Code> $psversiontable.psversion

Major  Minor  Build  Revision
-----  -----  -----  --------
5      1      16299  64

That’s really odd. I’m running Windows 10 ENT and ran

Update-Help -Force
again to make sure my help files were updated, and I see what you are experience, and it’s more than just this topic. I am however able to view help
Help about_Comment_Based_Help
without issue but other topics are showing two options and neither display the help.

This may be a bug, but I’ll defer to someone more experienced than I on this topic.