DSC scheduled tasks (Consistency, DSCRestartBootTask) missing

My WMF version is 5.0
I understand when DSC is configured (i.e. winrm started, LCM local configuration applied using Set-DSCLocalConfigurationManager), there will be 2 scheduled tasks created namely Consistency, DSCRestartBootTask).
I checked for the above tasks as shown below
Control Panel–>Schedule Tasks (opens up the Task Scheduler window)
In the Task Scheduler window’s tree look for the following hirearchy
Task Scheduler (local)–>TAsk Scheduler Library–>Microsoft–>Windows–>Desired State Configuration
The above node should show the 2 tasks (Consistency, DSCRestartBootTak).
But both seem to missing. Infact there is no node called “Desired State Configuration” at all.

However what is surprising is, even though the Consistency task is missing in task scheduler, DSC seems to run the Consistency tasks periodically (every 15 mins) as configured in the localconfiguration manager. I am able to confirm this because of the results I got from Get-DscConfigurationStatus -All command which shows Consistency tasks have been successful for a long time.

Question1: So where do i see the consistency task in task scheduler?

Question2: I wanted to manually trigger the consistency task on my pull client (for a SMB puller server) by executing the following command
$CimSession = New-CimSession -ComputerName “localhost”
Start-ScheduledTask -CimSession $CimSession -TaskName Consistency

However the above command results in an error that says no task name called “Consistency”. When i checked for all tasks using Get-ScheduledTask command, ,I dont see any task named consistency.

So how do i trigger a consistency task to be run on the pull client manually without having to wait for the LCM to trigger it in the next cycle?

See https://powershell.org/forums/topic/things-are-different-in-wmf5-feb/. Those tasks applied to 4.0, not 5.0.

If you want to manually start the LCM on a node, there’s a command for that, now.

Get-Command -noun DSC

You probably want Update-.

Thank you.