DSC "Consistency" Task running "Inconsistently"

I am using DSC to configure a WS2012R2 machine as my DSC Pull Server. One thing I noticed is that pretty frequently, the Task Scheduler task to check it’s consistency is not run. The following Warning is logged when this happens:


It is scheduled to run every 30 minutes. sometime it runs fine, other times it doe not run and the warning shown above is logged. For example, Saturday (6/21) it failed to run 16 out of 48 times, and on Sunday (6/22) it failed to run 22 out of 48 times.

If I run it manually it runs fine.

Any idea what could cause this “Consistency” task to run “Inconsistently”?

You need to remove the angle brackets in the error, or format it as code.


Here is the Warning:

“Task Scheduler did not launch task ‘\Microsoft\Windows\Desired State Configuration\Consistency’ as it missed its schedule. Consider using the configuration option to start the task when available, if schedule is missed.”

NOTE: This same task on “client” servers, which run Windows Server 2008 R2, run 100% consistently (i.e. the warning has never occurred.

That’s a pure Task Scheduler problem, not DSC per se. Something kept the task from running - possibly the server was busy, sleeping, etc. as it notes, you can reconfigure the task to run as soon as the server realizes it missed. I’m not a great Task Scheduler troubleshooter, though.

It’s also possible for a large configuration to keep the server busy for longer than 30 minutes. It’d have to be huge, but that could cause a schedule miss if it tried to run and a previous run was still going.

But you’ll have to troubleshoot this from a Task perspective.