DSC for creating workstations?

Does it make sense to pursue using DSC for creating Windows 10 workstations? I already have all my software installs scripted out, in .bat files mostly.

DSC is a tool. For the right job, it’s a great tool. But you’ve nt laid out any details from which to make a decision - it’s like saying, “is a car a good way to get to a theme park?” Sure, if the park is nearby, not if the park is on the other side of the continent ;). What are your job criteria?

Just like I said, one time creation of a workstation from scratch with a lot of applications installed and other file and registry tweaks. It wouldn’t need to keep correcting itself. Sort of like what MDT does with task sequences, although I never got into MDT. I’ve read DSC was more designed for servers.

We use DSC here on Windows 10 workstations, so it’s definitely possible. It made sense for us because:

  1. The same team manages servers & workstations, and we already used it on servers
  2. We have some workstations we need to know are configured properly, and exactly the same, on an ongoing basis
  3. We can share a lot of code between the servers & workstations

I’m not sure it would be worth using DSC just to do some one-time app installs. Scripts do that job well, and are a lot simpler.

I probably wouldn’t use DSC for that, no.