DSC Class based resource error

Hi, I am looking around to see if anyone else has seen this error when creating DSC class-based resources.
I have a few resources in the same psm1 file. The first couple of resources work normally and I haven’t done anything different in the next resource I am trying to create.

My resource shows up with Get-DscResource properly. However, when I run an Invoke-DscResource -Method Test on it I get an error:
Invoke-DscResource : All classes must have a reference to ConfigurationResource.

My searches don’t show me anything and I just simply don’t see that I have done anything different from any other class-based resource I have create.


can you please share the relevant pieces of the class based resource that is throwing that error? That would help us investigate more.

Hi, were you able to identify the problem?

I had this same error when using a pscustomobject as a parameter, i changed it to a hashtable and the error disappeared.

Thanks, @Matt2005. Your response pointed me to my solution.

My anomaly was that it was that the DSC successfully applied on my development machine (it’s just a desktop wallpaper, so I was developing live). However, didn’t work on any of my production test machines. Both systems are running Win10. However, my development system is running 1709 (PSVersion: 5.1.16299.248); production test systems are 1703 (PSVersion: 5.1.15063.786).

I had a parameter that was an ArrayList ([System.Collections.ArrayList]) because I was using a dynamic array size. Instead I changed it to [string] and it worked fine. I just had to use the following logic to account for the fixed size:

$this.StaticSizedArray = $this.StaticSizedArray + @('Test')

Hope this helps others.