DSC, Chocolatey and OneGet


I need to create a DSC Configuration that installs many applications. A lot of what I need is available as a Chocolatey package.

Can I run Chocolately from the DSC Config and how would I do that? Or should I use OneGet? (I wasn’t sure how mature OneGet was yet)


It depends on if you’re talking v4 or v5. OneGet isn’t in v4, obviously, and v5 is extremely beta still. OneGet, by definition, is not mature yet.

Microsoft doesn’t have a Chocolatey resource, so you’d either have to get one from the community (they exist) or build your own. Alternately, if your logic is simple enough, you could build a Script resource that runs a Chocolatey command.


May be worth a look for you.

Looks like multiple people have written this: https://github.com/PowerShellOrg/cChoco

Thanks! I will give that a try.