Download application and install (no silent install available)

Good day

I’m quite new to Powershell and have searched for a while but couldn’t find the solution of what we are looking for. Hopefully I’m posting in the correct section. If not, please direct me to the correct forum.
I need to compile a script which can download an installation file (.exe), run the installer as an administrator without any user interaction. The URL of the installer is fixed, but the installer does not support any silent install options as far as I know. The application needs to be installed on 30 different systems.

We currently download the application to the Downloads folder of the specific user, and thereafter use CMD to install the application as an administrator: runas /profile /user:administrator c:\users\user_name\downloads\setup.exe

The issues we have is that the username of each system differs, so the path of the installer would also change from system to system. The administrator account password is fixed across the systems. As soon as the installation window pop up, there is only the “Install” button to click and the application is installed.

Would it be possible to download the setup file into a Powershell session, run the installer as the administrator and choose the “Install” option?

... but the installer does not support any silent install options ...
Are you sure about this? You should figure that out before proceeding. A decent install package supports at least some options to control the installation. It doesn't have to be obvious and it does not have to be documented ... try the "usual suspects" ;-) ... or even better: ask the vendor/developer.

Hi Olaf

Sorry to only getting back to you now. The developer are still in the stages of adding the additional install options. I tried a few:

setup.exe /s

setup.exe /silent

setup.exe /quiet

I only receive a parameter error. Thanks again for your response.