Difficulty on adding users from several domains into a group of other domain

I’m new on making scripts on multi domains
I have to automate Adding users from 2 different domains into a Domain local group of a third domain.
Difficulty 2 : +/- 80% of the domain controlers still are Win2003 servers … so : so long Webservices or Quest Tools :frowning:

I have following input file to work with :

UID;NAME;Prénom;Principal domain AD;memberOf
DE1162;NAME;MARIE ALINE;domain01.domain.infra.com;“GROUP_000;GROUP_002”

UID = samaccount name
Principal Doamain ad: Domain where userId is member of
Memberof: the group on Domain 3 where users need to be added to…

I’m not able to perform the action as requested… in huge need of some assistance :frowning:

So long as you have at least one DC running the AD Web Service Gateway (which 2008R2+ has by default), you can use the AD cmdlets from the RSAT. And, the Quest cmdlets operate against any version of AD. You could also use the old-old-old ADSI: provider, like we did in the VSBcript days.

Option 1 not operational :frowning:
And facing constant errors when trying to perform command…
I’m 1 not used to work against multiple domains, and not used to revers engineering (only faminiar with AD cmdlets :frowning:

There’s no way to have one command run against multiple domains automatically. You’ll have to use a ForEach loop against a list of domains, so that the command runs one at a time against each domain. So it’s no different than working against a single domain.

Unfortunately, I can’t help with “constant errors” when you haven’t shared those errors. Additionally, I’m not sure what “reverse engineering” you’re having to do.

I’d suggest starting over with a new thread. Share some of what you’re actually trying, and share what’s going wrong, or the error messages. As is, I can’t read your mind well enough to see what might be happening.