DHCPServer Module Question

Can anybody enlighten me on any meaningful difference between these two commands?

Backup-DhcpServer -ComputerName DHCPServer -Path \\path\to\backup


Export-DhcpServer -ComputerName DHCPServer -File \\path\to\backup\file.xml -Leases

A couple of observations from experimenting. First, Backup- appears to require a higher permission set then Export-. 2, export produces an .xml file were backup produces the typical “DHCPcfg” type file.

Based on what I was reading in the online help files for both cmdlets, it appears they both achieve the same result. A full backup of the DHCP servers scopes including lease and reservation information. Am I missing something? Does anyone else have any experience in this area? Thanks for any thoughts, tips, or guidance!



Is export-dhcpserver aimed more at those are migrating dhcp servers between hosts, whereas backup-dhcpserver is for those that want a meaningful backup in place in the event of an issue?

Although they achieve the same result, they maybe better suited to those tasks?

My two pence\cents worth of thoughts… :slight_smile:







Thank you for taking some time to consider this post and offer your perspective on it. I appreciate it!