Developer but not Development

I’m trying to use PowerShell, ARM, DSC to build an environment in Azure. I’m using VSCode, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines (releases) and DSC to do it.

When I was explain this to others they became upset that it was “Development” and where I work Full Developers are not allowed.

While I could accomplish what I’m doing with Terraform and Ansible. I really like the tool set I have chosen.

How can I explain that while I’m using developer tools. Infrastructure automation is NOT development in the classic sense.

“DevOps is a technology management approach.” DevOps: The Ops Perspective

Please refer to for more comprehensive explanation and concepts.

Hope that helps.

It might be cheeky, but since I am I would do this, but in addition to what AndySvints suggested, you could try to explain to them that just because something can be used by developers, doesn’t make it a “pure development tool” or that someone using it, is a developer. By their logic, Notepad and Word are both developer tools since you can write code in them.

It might also be worth explaining to them that PowerShell is an Admin Scripting language, not an application language like they seem to think (Yes, yes, I know you can do lots more with PowerShell, this is just so management will get the difference.).


But really, ask them what your job is, and whether they want you to do it effectively. If what you’re describing is part of your job, and there are no company rules stating what tools you must use, then ask them what it matters what tools you use to achieve your goals.

thanks for the ideas. I was able to explain it effectively.

Thankfully I’m actually in a position to pick tools for my team.