Delivering 55039

I’m an MCT delivering the 55039 class on powershell scripting and toolmaking. Recently, I’ve noticed that the reference module for the class (Powershell-Toolmaking) on the psgallery had changed to version 2. However my skillpipe version of the book still makes reference to scripts and resources that were in version 1 of that same module.

Is my skillpipe book out of date, missing an update, or has something else happened that I don’t know about.

Thanks in advance for anyone who knows.

The best way is to check the updates made in ver 2 of the tool and if it has new features added or features deprecated. The IMO, you should be considering updating the book.

Thanks for the tips but doesn’t quite apply in this situation. The powershell-toolmaking module on ps gallery has the source scripts that we use in the class. V2 of the module is completely different from V1.

My situation is V2 of the module does not match the skillpipe book. I also have no control of updates to the skillpipe book. Once the author issues a book update, it should show automatically in my skillpipe account. Hence my question if someone else has seen this as well. Is there an error where my skillpipe account did not receive the update it should have or is V2 of the module not meant to match up with the skillpipe book anymore.