Delete folder ans sub folders silently

Is there any way to delete a folder and its sub folders silently using Remove-Item ?

so far tried with -force and -confirm:$false but its prompting for confirmation.


what is the code you run?

I have no issues running

Remove-Item -path D:\temp\FolderToRemove -Recurse -Force
on Win8.1/PS4.0

Hi Stein,

Thanks for your time, below is my code

Remove-Item -path D:\inetpub\foldertoremove -force

I am not using -recurse as i want to delete entire thing(sub folders). Am running it on ISE and its prompting for confirmation

please correct me if am wrong

You can test it on a different folderstructure first, but you have to use -recurse to make it remove subdirectories.
If you read the help file for remove-item it will point to a different method in example 4.

Thanks steing, I am good with it