DataGridView - CheckBoxColumn

by TomKemp at 2012-12-21 06:46:09

I have a script which displays an AD group from a list and then lists the members of that group and the groups of which it is a member. This part works correctly.

The information is displayed on a DataGridView, with columns for the User ID and the Displayname, plus a third column which is a CheckBoxColumn.

The idea is to check the box alongside certain members and then click a button to delete those members from the group.

My problem is that I cannot find any way to determine which rows have the checkbox checked.
I can determine which row is currently selected (the highlighted one), but not which ones have the checkbox checked.

Any idea how to do this please?

Something like:

For Each row with the checkbox checked, delete the User or group object from the initial group.

There must be some way to determine which boxes are checked, or there would not be any point in offering such columns.

Any ideas please?

Also - is there any source of detailed information on the use of Windows Forms which is aimed at the use of Powershell rather than only with C# or VB?
by DonJ at 2012-12-21 06:48:49
This is really a .NET Framework / WinForms / WPF question; I’d suggest asking at You’ll find a lot more .NET developers there. I’m not aware of any more-detailed resources specific to PowerShell except what the SAPIEN guys are blogging in relation to their PowerShell Studio product, which uses WinForms.
by TomKemp at 2012-12-21 07:50:52
Thanks - I will take a look there.