Creation of sub folders with Parent folders in one handy

Hello All,

I have tested the below script. The output is almost we reached the expectation. It will create the Parent folders which are mentioned in CSV and creates the sub folders on each Parent folder created.

And sub folders creates only on Last folder which is mentioned in the Parent folder CSV input. please find the below CSV format. Not sure what is working on this

folder full_control modify read_execute list_folder_content read write
folderxyz DL-WGK-US-Houston-Projects-XXXXXX-RW-TEST

[code]Set-Location “C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\Desktop\foldertest”
$csvFile = “C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\Desktop\import.csv”

$create = Import-CSV $csvFile

function DoPermissions
param( $permissionGroup, $folder, $level)
$toAdd = $permissionGroup -split “;”
Write-Host $folder
foreach ($item in $toAdd)
$acl = (Get-Item $folder).GetAccessControl(‘Access’)
$ar = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule($item, $level, ‘ContainerInherit,ObjectInherit’,‘None’,‘Allow’)
Set-ACL -path $folder -AclObject $acl

foreach ($folder in $create)
$fullPath = $folder.folder #$path + $folder.folder
if (!(Test-Path $fullPath)) {New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path $fullPath}

if ($folder.full_control) {DoPermissions $folder.full_control $fullPath "FullControl"}
if ($folder.modify) {DoPermissions $folder.modify $fullPath "Modify"}
if ($folder.read_execute) {DoPermissions $folder.read_execute $fullPath "ExecuteFile"}
if ($folder.list_folder_content) {DoPermissions $folder.list_folder_content $fullPath "ListDirectory"}
if ($ {DoPermissions $ $fullPath "ReadData"}
if ($folder.write) {DoPermissions $folder.write $fullPath "Write"}


define the subfolder names

$subfolders = "Subfolder1","confidential","SubFolder3","Subfolder4","document"

for ($i = 1;$i -lt 4;$i++) 
	{ # create the sub folder
    $subpath = "$fullPath\$($subfolders[$i])"
            if (!(test-path $subpath -PathType Container)) {New-Item $subpath -type directory}
	# set the sub folder permissions
		switch ($i) {
		1 {DoPermissions $folder.owners $fullPath "ReadData"}
		2 {DoPermissions $folder.owners $fullPath "ReadData";DoPermissions $folder.owners $fullPath "Write"}
		3 {DoPermissions $folder.owners $fullPath "ReadData"}
		4 {DoPermissions $folder.owners $fullPath "ReadData";DoPermissions $folder.owners $fullPath "ListDirectory"}

It’s a bit difficult to follow the script because you didn’t format it (instructions are shown right above the posting text box). Offhand, I’d guess the logic in your ForEach is the problem - that’s usually the case.