Creating SCCM 2012 Package

I am trying to create a Package using New-CMPackage -Name

i am getting error " Object Name already exist"

i have a same package name already created ,my question is in New- CMPackage Package ID is the Unique one but its check for the Package Name

when i try to create the Package manually in the Console its allowing me to create the same package name which already exist. but through Powershell Its not accepting ,kindly let me know how to create a Package with Same name

in our Environment we use the create a same package Name for different Vendors ,so its a Mandatory to create a two or More Same Package Name.

Not created many new packages but i’ve done a few PowerShell scripts to create new Applications in 2012. I’m sure the same principles apply in both.
The name of the application has to be different, regardless that it would generate a new ID. What we have done in our environment is call the Application name with the version on the same line, so for example Office professional 2013. This gets around the issue of duplicate application name.
For applications you can then add things like Publisher and version of software. This can help with different versions of the same software.

Here is an example line from one of my scripts:

New-CMApplication -Name $App_Name -AutoInstall $true -Publisher $Publisher -SoftwareVersion $SoftVe

But long and short as far as i know you can have the same name twice.