Creating a powershell script to take information from AWS and AZURE AD tags and input that into solarwinds

Hi, I’m trying to create a powershell script which will automate logging into AWS and Azure AD, take information from specific tags then input that information to the relevant places in solarwinds. Currently, I have no knowledge on how to do this so any help would be fantastic.

Show us your script.

Create a credential profile

encrypts your credentials and stores them in your home folder

Set-AWSCredential -AccessKey
-SecretKey `
-StoreAs MyNewProfile

connect to SolarWinds

$Hostname = “localhost”
$Username = “admin”
$Password = “”
$swis = Connect-Swis -Hostname $Hostname -Username $Username -Password $Password

set default values for AWS profile and region

Set-AWSCredential -ProfileName MyNewProfile
Set-DefaultAWSRegion -Region us-east-2

list of tags to sync

$tags = “Environment”, “Owner”

gather all instance IDs

$instanceIDs = @()
$reservations = Get-EC2Instance
foreach($res in $reservations) {
foreach($inst in $res.Instances) {
$instanceIDs += $inst.InstanceId

iterate through the list of instance IDs

foreach ($instanceID in $instanceIDs) {
# get the tag values for this instance
$tagValues = Get-EC2Tag -Filter @{Name=“resource-id”;Values=$instanceID}, @{Name=“key”;Values=$tags}

# get the custom properties for the corresponding node
$node = Get-SwisData $swis "SELECT Nodes.NodeID
    , CP.Uri
    , CP.Environment
    , CP.Owner
    FROM Orion.Nodes AS Nodes
    LEFT JOIN Orion.Cloud.Aws.Instances AS Instances ON Nodes.NodeID = Instances.NodeID
    LEFT JOIN Orion.NodesCustomProperties AS CP ON Nodes.NodeID = CP.NodeID
    WHERE InstanceId = '$($instanceID)'"

# update the value for each custom property if needed
foreach($tag in $tagValues) {
    # check if the custom property is empty
    if(!$node.($tag.Key)) {
        # if it is empty, update it with the AWS tag value
        $props = @{
            ($tag.Key) = $tag.Value;

        Set-SwisObject $swis -Uri $node.Uri -Properties $props


I have this so far, this was given to me, and I was told changes needed to be made for it to work properly, thanks.

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