Create HTML email report from csv file?

I am trying to create a report in HTML format to send to multiple people via email. The body of the email is in a csv file that is already created for me. I want to take a batch script that does a couple simple tasks such as deleting the existing csv file that is generated daily by some scripts/processes I don’t control, then import the csv using powershell, and convert the contents to html in a nicely formatted table, and email it out.

I can’t get the format to work using the scripts I’ve found and being a newbie I’m stuck. Can anyone help? The csv file contains a list of server names, database names and the backup status of whether the job succeeded the previous evening or not.

$html = Import-CSV whatever.csv | ConvertTo-HTML


“Can’t get the format to work” doesn’t give me much to work with, but those two commands are where I’d start.