Count users attributes in AD

Hello, guys
I need to count how many user attributes we have in our Active directory.
The command
Get-ADUser -identity Administrator -properties *
gives me all information about attributes but I can’t calculate them.
@(Get-ADUser -identity Administrator -properties *).Count # returns 1
@(Get-ADUser -identity Administrator -properties *).Length # returns 1
$output=Get-ADUser -identity Administrator -properties *
@($output).Count # returns 1
Please help

fyi, properties * doesn’t contain all attributes.

(get-aduser me -Properties * |gm -MemberType property).count

Instead of .Count or .Length, use .PropertyCount

i.e: (Get-ADUser -Identity Administrator -Properties *).PropertyCount

Thank you guys.
Your answers were really fast!
Both variants are working.

Good one Matt. Hard to break old habits:D

Get-ADObject -filter * -SearchBase (Get-ADRootDSE).schemaNamingContext | where objectclass -like “attributeschema” |select name

now figure out how you can find those only related to the user class:D