Count files, size and when created on Windows server

I´ve have a Windows server and I wondering how I best show this from the server to
non technical person:
-How many files there are in a specific folder on this server?
-How big each file are?
-When the file is created?

Any tips?
-cant find any powershell command that´s doing this, yet…

Really appreciate your answer

What exactly do you mean with that?

Get-ChildItem ???


Yes it counts the files but not:
-How big each file are?
-When the file is created?

 Get-ChildItem -File | Select-Object -Property Name,Length,CreationTime

For a non-technical person I wouldn’t use PowerShell output, use a picture.

Something like the output from TreeSize Free, WinDirStat, SequoiaView or similar utilities.


I made it too complicated with powershell, when there is such a simple tool that presents it
so visual to non-technical persons.